5 of Sofia’s Most Spectacular Sights

An increasingly popular tourist destination, Bulgaria's capital has it all and its trendy bars, historic monuments and beautiful scenery make Sofia a great city to explore.


One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe, Sofia is dripping in history and visitors invariably come away impressed at all that it has for them to see and do.

Let’s take a look at some of its best sights!

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Built in 1882, the cathedral is beautiful to behold from the outside and it looks even better within as brightly coloured murals cover the walls.

Vitosha Mountain

Looming over the city, Vitosha is full of wonderful nature and both locals and foreigners alike enjoy hiking and skiing in its upper realms which have fantastic views out over Sofia.


The National Palace of Culture

Dating to communist times, the humongous Palace of Culture is an impressive building to behold and hosts loads of exhibitions, concerts, shows and spectacles.

St. George Rotunda

This lovely little church was built by the Romans and contains some wonderful frescoes.

Sofia’s Trendy Bars

The city is home to loads of unique and quirky bars which are well worth checking out! The Apartment for instance has thirteen different rooms each with their own vibe and appearance while 65 Fireflies is coated in flickering fairy lights and the Cocktail Bar is an uber trendy bar with fantastic drinks.


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