Why do we collect souvenirs?

Nearly every tourist destination you will ever visit has shops and stalls selling souvenirs. From miniature Eiffel Towers to rows upon rows of the Leaning Tower of Pisa; why do we buy them?


If traipsing around a touristy area trying to find the perfect souvenir sounds familiar to you you’re definitely not alone. Throughout the ages, visitors to far off lands have often had the urge to bring back something with them. Curious as it, here are some reasons behind the psychology to it.

A physical memory

With your miniature Statue of Liberty clasped firmly in your hand, you are now the proud owner of the physical embodiment of all that you experienced on your trip.


Many people return home bearing gifts from their travels in an attempt to share their experience with others.

To be comforted

When thinking of the people who you are buying the gifts and souvenirs for, it comforts you and makes you feel at home.

To shape your personal identity

With your souvenirs and mementos around you, you construct your history and make yourself who you want to be.

To show-off!

Yep that’s right! Sometimes we buy souvenirs to highlight how well-travelled we are and in a way boast of our worldliness and all the sights we have seen.


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