Weird and Wacky Wedding Traditions from Around the World

If you've got a wedding coming up (congratulations!) then you may want to incorporate some of these bizarre traditions into the ceremony to keep your guests guessing as to what is to come!


The world is a big and beautiful place and these weird and wacky wedding traditions only further prove that each people, culture and country have their own bizarre customs!

Log cutting – Germany

Now there’s nothing like a bit of manual labour on your wedding day is there?! In Germany newlyweds test their ability to work together by sawing a log in half. In theory it’s meant to show how they’ll overcome everything together. Aww!

Spitting on the bride – Kenya

Eh…say what?! Yep you read that correctly! In Kenya the father of the bride actually spits on his daughter and this is supposed to ward off anything bad happening to the newlyweds and ensure their married life is blessed! Try and encourage the father of the bride to do this at the next wedding you go to and see how it goes!

Randsoming the bride – Romania

Apparently popular in numerous parts of Europe, bride-napping is where relatives, friends or family abduct the bride and the groom has to win her back whether that is through grand romantic gestures or through bribing people with drinks!


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