The Strangest National Delicacies from Around the World

From bugs and sea urchins to guinea pigs embryos!? Here are some national delicacies which the squeamish may want to give a miss!


While these national delicacies are completely normal to locals, people from other countries may find them a little hard to stomach. Bon Appetit and happy munching!

Sea Egg – Barbados

While most people generally want to stay away from prickly sea urchins, in Barbados the contents inside their shell are considered to be a delicacy.

Balut – Philippines

Not for the squeamish, Balut is neither an egg or a duck but rather a half-formed embryo which you chew and slurp your way through!

Cuy Asado – Ecuador

Otherwise known as grilled guinea pig, Cuy Asado is much tastier than it looks!

Mopane Worm – southern Africa

Eaten in parts of southern Africa, the Mopane Worm is a large caterpillar which is very good for you and is full of rich nutrients.

Butod – Malaysia

Now this should go down a treat! Butod is meant to be eaten alive and it’s a strange sensation munching on something that is still wriggling away.


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