The Lonely Planet’s Top 5 Cities to Visit in 2019

The esteemed travel guide publisher, Lonely Planet, has come out with its top five cities to visit for this year and there are certainly some surprises on the list!


Whether you’re after party cities, spiritual retreats or hidden gems, this list will take you to places you’d never thought of visiting before!

Copenhagan – Denmark

Effortlessly cool, Denmark’s capital is as trendy as they come and is the Lonely Planet’s number one city to visit in 2019.

Shenzhen – China

This massive city full of skyscrapers has a thriving cultural scene, great nightlife and plethora of fantastic shops, bars and restaurants so what are you waiting for?!

Novi Sad – Serbia

In 2021 Novi Sad is scheduled to be the European Capital of Culture so visit now before the crowds find out about what this hidden gem has to offer!

Miami – USA

Renowned throughout the world for its stunning beaches and pulsating party scene, Miami is a tropical paradise just waiting to be explored!

Kathmandu – Nepal

Nestled amidst the Himalayas, Nepal’s capital city is home to some incredible scenery as well as magnificent monuments and ancient temples such as Swayambhunath pictured below.


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