The Least Visited Countries in the World

Looking to get off the beaten path and head somewhere almost no one ever goes? Well then these are the countries you're going to want to check out!


Nowadays more and more people are looking for that unique travel experience where you can escape the crowds and really get to know the authentic side of a country. As these places see so few tourists you’ll certainly get to see how life really is in these seldom visited countries.

San Marino

One of the smallest countries in the world, this tiny enclave in Italy is full of fairytale castles, beautiful scenery and is very much off the beaten path.


Set amidst the mountains, temple-filled Bhutan is a beautiful place with a rich history and definitely justifies a visit with all that it has to offer.


With some incredible rivers winding their way through the country and lively cities which are fascinating to explore, Bangladesh receives just 125,000 visitors a year – a tiny fraction of what nearby China and India receive.


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