The 3 Most Dangerous Journeys to School

These death-defying journeys to get an education will make the hair rise on the back of your neck; such are the terrifying obstacles that these children unfortunately face. All to get a better future.


One thing’s for certain, after seeing these hair-raising photos you’ll never take your education for granted again.

Journey through the mountains

If you’ve ever complained about your commute it’s time to think again! These children in China face a five hour journey along perilous ridges to get to their school in Gulu.

Climb to school

With unattached ladders perched against the cliff walls, the school in southern China isn’t for those with a fear of heights.

Trek through the Himalayas

This arduous journey isn’t one you’d want to undergo every day; luckily they’re on the way to a boarding school so won’t have to complete the return journey for a number of months. The passage through the Indian Himalayas is often blocked due to the harsh weather conditions.


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