Pancake Lovers of the World Unite! 5 Types for You to Try.

Whether you’re a fan of Injera or particular to a few Cong You Bing or Gourassa; these pancake-like meals will get you salivating. From Ethiopia to China and Sudan – they’re popular everywhere!


These pancake-like meals are amazing for their variety. Savoury or sweet; every culture has created the perfect cuisine to go along with them.

Kaiserschmarrn – Austria

These chunks of fluffy pancakes are named after the Emperor of Austria who completely revolutionised the city of Vienna. Delicious!

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Cong You Bing – China

Made from dough instead of batter, these delicacies are savoury and normally served with delightful dippings.

Injera – Ethiopia

Injera is the staple meal of all Ethiopians and even Western meals like pasta come with an accompanying side of it! Very healthy, various meat and vegetable sauces come with it.

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Breton Galette – France

These savoury pancakes are a treat after a long day exploring all that France has to offer. Filled with goats’ cheese, meats and more – the variations are endless!

Gourassa – Sudan

Everyone sits around a giant bowl of gourassa and rips up parts of them to dig up the sauce with their hands. The different sauces are always scrumptious.

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