Enter the Murky World of the Louisiana Bayous

Otherworldly in appearance, the swamps and wetlands in the deep south of the States make for a fascinating adventure; drifting on the shadowy waters is lovely - just watch out for alligators!


As well as delicious Cajun cuisine and jazz, the South is also home to an incredible array of bayous for you to explore. These expansive wetlands look phantasmagorical in appearance and border the Gulf of Mexico. Interspersed among them are the old sugar plantations and cotton fields.

Take a boat trip!

Cruising through the swamps is to step into a decaying murky water world, at times you past abandoned cabins and houses that look decidedly creepy.

Submerged trees

Snaking up out of the bayou are beautiful trees that cast their branches downwards towards the life-giving water.

Rich biodiversity

Home to a whole menagerie of birds and other animals, watch out for alligators lazily swimming past or sunning themselves on the banks.


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