Off the coast of Panama: the dreamy San Blas Islands

Dreaming of the sun after the long winter? Then look no further as these islands are the place for you. Paradise awaits and with over 365 of them, there’s a new one for each day of the year!


A delightful archipelago, San Blas has more than enough islands for you to explore to your heart’s content. These little havens of peace are fortunately off the radar of most tourists to the Caribbean so make for a delightfully idyllic and serene vacation.

Tiny dots in the Caribbean

As the local Kuna Indians control tourism to and from the islands, the number of visits is controlled to protect the pristine environment. Eco-friendly accommodation is the way to go when visiting the secluded islands.

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Untouched islands

Have the beach all to yourself and act out your wildest Robinson Crusoe dreams! Alternatively try out your Tom Hanks from Castaway impersonation!

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Dreamy sunsets

The sun setting over the ocean is always fantastic no matter where you are. In San Blas, however, it will definitely be one of the most memorable places you’ve ever watched the sunset!


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