Explore Mexico’s Secluded Beaches

A popular destination itself, Puerto Vallarta is just a stone’s throw away from a number of idyllic beaches. These isolated paradises are simply divine and are crying out for you to visit them!


With beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta why would you ever leave?! Well, just a short boat trip away are a number of stunning and isolated beaches for you to enjoy. Whether you are looking for trails to discover, snorkelling in the crystal clear waters or simply to relax; these are the beaches for you!

Las Animas

Only accessible by boat, this beautiful secluded beach is well worth a visit; the peaceful calm and tranquillity will sooth your soul as you bathe in the sun.

Colomitos Beach

To get here you can either hike through the jungle or take a boat; embrace your adventurous side and head into the wild!

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With ample marine life, Majahuitas makes for some fantastic snorkelling. The clear waters teem with life and the beach itself isn’t too bad!

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