A Trip to Guatemala’s Amazing Mayan Ruins

Home to lots of amazing Mayan ruins, Guatemala is a treat to visit and exploring its archaeological sites will live long in the memory as the giant structures emerge out of the jungle before your eyes.


A beautiful country to visit, Guatemala has stunning beaches, forest-covered mountains and of course absolutely loads of amazing Mayan ruins for you to explore. Here are the best ones for you to enjoy and they’ll certainly leave you with a sense of amazement!


The most famous and indeed most popular Mayan site in the country, Tikal has loads of ancient buildings, temples and ruins for you to explore and watching the sun rise over Tikal is a particularly memorable experiece.

El Mirador

For an off the beaten path experience, you can’t beat El Mirador as much of the site is still being excavated and traipsing through the jungle to finally see the buildings rise up before you is humbling to say the least.


Very well-preserved, Aguateca is a delight to visit for the amazing edifices on show and there are lots of impressive carvings that offer up an interesting insight into Mayan culture.


Located in the Central Highlands of Guatemala, Iximche makes for an easy day-trip from Guatemala City and the fortified city was still occupied when the Spanish Conquistadores arrived in the country in the sixteenth century.


With over 500 buildings for you to explore, Yaxha is fascinating to visit and the setting amidst the dense jungle only makes it more impressive to behold.


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