Travel back in time to Old Havana

Old Havana looks just like something out of a movie set harking back to times gone by as retro cars trundle past all the decaying grandeur of the buildings. Head to Cuba and fall in love with its charm!


Unique in appearance and in style, Havana has an iconic look that it is immediately recognisable. The warm Caribbean island is amazing to visit and unlike any other place you’ll visit. Here are three unmissable things to do once you’re there.

El Capitolio

Formerly the seat of power in Cuba, it now houses the Cuban Academy of Sciences. The impressive Art Nouveau style makes it delightful to visit and it certainly stands out against the city!

Morro Castle

Originally constructed to defend the area from encroaching pirates and foreign powers, the fortress is home to some picturesque and panoramic views over Havana Bay and as such is a must-see in Havana.

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Old Havana

The dilapidated buildings and decaying grandeur of times gone by make Old Havana amazing to visit. The architecture is stunning and really does help to make the city unique.


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