Visit the Petra of Saudi Arabia!

It is little known that Petra was but just one city in the Nabatean Kingdom. Mada’in Saleh in the depths of the Saudi desert is home to 131 rock-cut tombs which need to go on your bucket list!


The first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia, its secluded location out in the desert makes it a worthwhile challenge to visit. Driving out amongst the parched trees and desolate rocks and scrubs, your excitement mounts as you see the site approach in the distance.

Desolation all around

A stunning and seldom visited archaeological site, the tombs are marvellous to explore. The rock-cut architecture is phenomenal for its intricacy and craftsmanship.

The Nabatean Kingdom flourished

Situated at a crossroads between different trading nations, the kingdom flourished in the desert. The buildings carved into the rock provided welcome relief to trade caravans crossing the endless sands.

Impressive rock formations

Rocky outcrops jut out amidst the sand and make for amazing geological features.


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