Head into the Vertical Desert of Oman’s Wadi Shab!

Winding your way through the rocky ravines it appears as if the desert is towering on either side of you; traipse through the glorious formations until a beautiful blue glimmers before you. Welcome!


One of the most beautiful destinations in Oman, Wadi Shab is simply stunning to visit. The amazing geology of it all coupled with the delightful rivers and pools make for an awe-inspiring trip. The gorge is lovely to explore either on foot or by boat.

Hike through the desert walls

Cut out of the rock, the narrow ravines make for some fantastic hiking as at times you clamber over boulders and scale rock formations. The landscape is simply breathtaking.

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Take a boat ride

The luscious waters that give life to the palm trees and shrubs around the pools can be explored by boat. Drifting on the water is to know peace.

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Cool off in the water

While it is forbidden to swim in some pools, others are just waiting to cool you down!


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