Five Unbelievable Ancient Ruins from Around the World

Generations of millennia gone by have left innumerable impressive ruins and traces of their civilisations behind. These stunning and spectacular ruins leave us with clues about their history.

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Historical sites are among the most popular attractions that draw people to different countries. Take a look at these amazing ancient ruins and you’ll soon want to be jetting off on a new voyage of discovery!

Longmen Grottoes: China

With over 1400 caves and over 100,000 statues, this amazing site boggles the mind such is the craftsmanship and number of incredible works on display.

Luxor: Egypt

One of the most popular sites to visit around the world, the magnificent ruins are massive and the gigantic temple is scarcely believable such is its size.

Baalbek: Lebanon

Left behind by the Romans, these expansive ruins are a delight to explore with the limestone blocks glaring brightly in the midday sun.

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Bagan: Malaysia

Dating back to the 9th century, the ancient city encompassed more than 10,000 Buddhist temples at its peak!!

Moai of Rano Raraku: Chile

The Easter Island Heads as they are more commonly known are huge and scientists investigating their past spent centuries wondering how they had manoeuvred them into place. With the problem now solved, you’ll have to find out more by visiting them for yourself!


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