The Results are IN: This Year’s Cheapest European Cities to Visit!

With summer fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about your holidays! With Eastern Europe very much in fashion, these great value destinations are awesome fun and not too expensive.


Every year, the huge institution that is the UK Post Office compiles information looking at the best value cities for European holidaymakers. With accommodation, flights, food, drink and cultural activities taken into account, these are the best value places to visit this year.

5 Budapest

Budapest? More like BudaBEST! This great city is regularly voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Fascinating to wander around, its rich history, stunning architecture and laid-back atmosphere make it a must-see city in Europe.

4 Warsaw

While most of the Old Town was destroyed during the Second World War, the city now thrums with life. Great bars and restaurants abound and are great value for all the tasty food you can try.

3 Riga

Wow! Who wouldn’t want to visit the capital of Latvia when it looks like this?! Book you ticket now!

2 Vilnius

The delightful Old Town of Vilnius is amazing to explore with beautiful narrow twisting alleys only adding to its charm.

1 Krakow!

The winner! The most scenic city in Poland, Krakow has long been a popular tourist destination. Much more picturesque than Warsaw, the fact that it’s cheap to visit only adds to the plethora of good things about it!

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