Gaudi’s masterpiece: La Sagrada Familia

Dominating Barcelona’s skyline, La Sagrada Familia testifies to man’s ingenuity and is a modern-day architectural miracle that will leave you mesmerised.


No trip to Barcelona is complete without visiting the architectural wonder that is La Sagrada Familia. Inspired by the natural world around him, Gaudi combined cutting edge ingenious engineering solutions with his indomitable faith to create the masterpiece we see today.

Nature inspired Gaudi’s unbelievable designs

Forest-like in appearance, the towering pillars branch out below the ceiling to create a foliage of supporting columns that hold up the roof.

A mosaic of colours for you to delight in

The stained glass windows paint a sea of dancing colours around the inside. Yellow, red, blue and green; the natural hues are designed to encourage introspection and soul-searching among visitors to the cathedral.

An iconic part of the Barcelona skyline

Its lofty spires stretch towards the heavens, spiralling ever upwards surrounded by the celestial blue sky of Barcelona.

This architectural wonder will leave you astounded at how one man’s vision transformed Barcelona forever.


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