The Trans-Siberian Railway: the Adventure of a Lifetime

Stretching over 9,000 kilometres from one side of Russia right to the other, travelling along the Trans-Siberian Railway is an awe-inspiring experience and takes over a week to complete. Here are the stops you need to see along the way!


The best place to start your journey is in St. Petersburg as the elegant city is just full of amazing things for you to see and do. Renowned for its theatre, ballet and opera, it’s a great place to go and see a performance and everywhere you look in the city there is just so much history on show. A charming and even romantic place to explore, you can spend ages just wandering around the city so you may find it hard to even start on your Trans-Siberian adventure!

Still very much in the western part of Russia, the country’s capital is a city that you just can’t miss out on seeing. Moscow is renowned for being the home of the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral and these are just two of the remarkable sights that it has to offer up. With its huge streets, gigantic museums and massive buildings, everything about Moscow is large and there is a very grand and refined feel about the place. It is also a great city to go out in as there are loads of trendy bars, restaurants and nightclubs for visitors to head to.

Yekaterinburg and the Ural Mountains are where Russia becomes divided between East and West and so there are a mix of peoples, cultures and architectural styles to be found in the city. The Ural Mountains loom over the city and going for a hike amongst the spectacular nature on show is a must if you stop off on your journey along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Another incredible natural sight which is well worth a visit is the marvellous Lake Baikal – the deepest freshwater lake on Earth. Know as the ‘Pearl of Siberia’, the glittering lake offers up loads of outdoor activities and so is a good place to do some exercise after having spent so long on the train! Whether its fishing and kayaking or mountain biking and hiking you’re after, Lake Baikal has it all and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. While the summer months mean you can lounge on a beach in the sun or explore some of its islands, the winter months are bleak and unforgiving but make for some mesmerising photos as the lake freezes over.

The final destination on the Trans-Siberian Railway is Vladivostok which is home to Russia’s Pacific fleet. Slightly run down and dilapidated, it offers up an interesting mix of Russian and Asian influences and is a gateway to exploring the wild and remote sights in the surrounding area. A world away from the glittering streets of St Petersburg and Moscow, it is an adventure of a lifetime just getting here!


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