The Fjords of Norway

The spectacular scenery is sure to awe any visitor to the fjords as the dark blue water cuts through the mountains that tower on either side. Mesmerisingly beautiful, make your next trip to Norway!


Formed in the ice ages of millennia gone by, the fjords were cut from the mountains as glaciers wore down the rock. These magnificent landscapes are now deservedly a UNESCO site.

 A beautiful contrast of colours

In summer, a mosaic of greens, yellows and blues greet you as the fauna hugs the cliff faces of the mountains surrounding the fjords. In winter, a layer of pristine white snow coats all that the eye can see.

Sail through the fjords

Taking a boat trip along the endless cliff sides is an unforgettable experience as waterfalls cascade interminably into the dark waters.

The highest sea cliff in Europe

WOW! Towering 860 metres above the water, the drop is terrifyingly impressive. Hornelen is one of the most stunning sites in Norway.

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