This summer visit the Florence of the South: Lecce!

In the deep south of Italy is Lecce; a charming city that will light up your summer! Nicknamed the Florence of the South due to its amazing range of architectural monuments – it is a must see in Italy!


Located in the sunny South, Lecce is fantastic to visit for a number of reasons: the delicious Italian cuisine, the gorgeous weather and ancient historical moments, not to mention the stunning beaches dotted along the coast.

The centre is magnificent

Life revolves around the ancient Roman amphitheatre in the centre. Dating back nearly two millennia, it testifies to the Roman’s infamous engineering that was designed to stand the test of time.

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Explore the paved streets and alleys

The winding streets are lovely to explore and at night everywhere is beautifully illuminated and bathed in golden light.

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Stunning monuments

While a number of impressive buildings dot the city, the Church of Santa Croce is particularly delightful. The square in front of it is also well worth visiting.


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