Il Calcio Storico: An enthralling spectacle in Florence

Every year, the four quarters of the city convene under their banners to battle it out to be the best. Dating back to 1530, the game which combines football, boxing and rugby is amazingly entertaining!

Calcio Storico Fiorentino, Piazza di Santa Croce, Town Festival, Florence, Tuscany. Italy

Hosted in the picturesque Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, the city centre is completely taken over by this incredible spectacle. Stands are erected and talk of the game dominates the city in the run-up to the match.

A centuries old tradition

Participants from the four corners of the city dress in traditional costumes bearing the banners and colours of their quarter. In times gone by, this early form of football was organised so that rivals could air their grievances within the confines of the game. Needless to say, it used to be quite brutal though modern versions are somewhat less violent.

Piazza Santa Croce

The old square makes for an amazing location! The battle beneath the church makes it even more epic.

Get involved!

Ok, don’t worry you won’t end up on the pitch! The crowd surrounding the match make the atmosphere even more intense and memorable!


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