A Trip around Le Cinque Terre

Absolutely stunning to behold, Italy's Cinque Terre is the stuff of dreams as colourful buildings hug the steep mountainsides overlooking the Mediterranean. Let's take a look at what they have to offer!


Lying between Genoa and La Spezia on Italy’s northwestern coastline, le Cinque Terre is one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations and with good reason too as the five towns are as picturesque and charming as they come.

Clifftop walks

Joining the five towns together is a lovely clifftop walk where you walk amongst pristine nature before happening upon yet another incredible town nestled amongst the cliffs below you.

Pastel-coloured buildings

Tightly packed together, the pastel-coloured buildings make for fabulous photos and exploring the narrow alleys that wind their way between them is a lovely way to discover cute cafes, atmospheric bars and fantastic restaurants.

Spectacular sunsets

As night falls, thousands of twinkling lights turn on across the towns, lighting up the little marinas that lie at the bottom of the cliff faces. Drinking an aperitivo while the watching the sunset is a lovely way to end a perfect day in paradise.


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