5 Awesome Day-trips from Venice

The stunning city of canals can at times get a bit overwhelming as crowds flood the city. These five scenic cities and towns are a bit more peaceful and make for lovely day trips. Check them out!

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With so many amazing things to see and do in beautiful Venice, you can be forgiven for not venturing out of the city. Just a short train journey away, however, are a number of lovely towns and cities which themselves are wealth worth exploring.


A popular destination itself, the home of Romeo and Juliet is lovely to wander around. With amazing architectural wonders and historical sites all about; you’ll never want to leave!

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Home of the renowned architect Palladio, Vicenza definitely flies under the radar. With a beautiful historic centre and the oldest opera venue in the world, this hidden gem is perfect for travellers looking for a bit of calm.


Located right next to Slovenia and at an important crossroad between cultures, Trieste is a short journey away from Venice. Looking out over the Adriatic Sea, the sun glinting off of the water has never looked better than when you are in this great city!


A bit further away than the other day trips, Ferrara is definitely worth visiting as it is a World Heritage Site with lots of Renaissance palaces dotted around the city.

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With one of the oldest universities in the world, Padua has a rich history which is evident wherever you go. Make sure to check out the cathedral with its amazing reliefs when you visit!


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