Sun and Sea in Santorini

Santorini makes for a picture perfect postcard. The iconic island in the Aegean Sea is the poster-child of Greece’s tourism industry and it’s easy to see why!


The boat journey from Athens to Santorini is a lovely relaxing affair that culminates in the incredible view of the island rising before you; imposing yet welcoming at the same time.

Tiny villages hug the cliffs

Perched along the ridge of the caldera that makes up the island, the beautiful white villages contrast stunningly with the volcanic rock below them.

The Hot Springs of Nea Kameni

A short boat ride from the main island is Nea Kameni, many people flock here to bathe in the hot springs and enjoy the perfect view of Santorini.

Spectacular sunsets

As night falls, the heat of the day dissipates away and the ocean turns a golden orange as the sun melts into the water. Everything in Santorini is stunning.


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