Mediterranean Island Vacation? Go Greek!


A vacation to Greece is paradise for many travelers, especially those who head for the islands there. Greece is home to about 3,000 islands throughout the Mediterranean, mostly in the Aegean Sea, with some in the Ionian Sea. While only 227 of these islands have inhabitants, that’s still a lot to choose from when it comes to trying to plan a trip to the islands of Greece.

Know little about geography? No problem. Here’s a basic and quick overview to help you plan your travels accordingly.

The Ionian Islands

These islands are actually closer to Italy and Albania but still a part of Greece. They’re worth considering if you’re planning to go to Italy or Albania though. The main island in this cluster is Corfu, which is rich with architecture amidst lush greenery. You’ll find plenty of beach life activities here in a relaxed and divine setting.

The Saronic Gulf Islands

In the center of the Peloponnese and Athens, you’ll find the kind of island vibe you’re looking for with a remote feel that’s still close enough. One of the best options here is Hydra which connects well to both Athens and the Peloponnese. It’s free of cars, has easy-going beaches and is the very definition of most people’s perfect beach island vacation.

The Sporades Islands

When in Greece, you may very well opt to do as the Greeks do. Evia is an island that connects to the mainland via bridge and is one of the most popular for those living in Athens to get away to when they vacation. These islands are less traveled by international travelers though so if you’re looking for a place that’s less touristy, try here.

The Cycladic Islands

Further south, these islands feature the kind of Greece you’ve seen in photos with those white houses on the landscapes and beautiful beaches. It’s in this group of islands where you’ll find Mykonos and Santorini, by far two of the most popular islands in this group. You’ll get plenty of beach time and have all the touristy things you desire here.


No discussion of Greek islands can be called complete without talking about Crete. Crete is historic, the former home of the Minoans. The main city of Iraklio isn’t that exciting but the rest of the island is brimming with historic sites, beautiful mountains, glorious beaches, caves and gorges, plus the charm of rustic villages that dot the entire island. It’s surely a Greek island vacation you’ll never forget.


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