Prague’s Weird and Wacky Museums

A popular tourist destination, Prague must surely have some of the most bizarre museums in Europe. From alchemy and a magical cavern to torture instruments and miniatures – check them out here!


Should you exhaust the plethora of things to see and do in Prague – head to these museums for a strange and wacky time!

The Alchemy Museum

In the past, some people dedicated their lives to the study of alchemy. Did anyone manage to create gold!? Find out at this museum!

The Magical Cavern

Created by a local artist to display his psychedelic and trippy artwork, the building itself makes for a fascinating visit!

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The Miniature Museum

Look through magnifying glasses to explore some of the tiniest creations in the world! From the eye of a needle containing miniature camels to a boat placed on a mosquito’s wing; these things are tiny! This image for instance is of a flea holding scissors!

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The Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilets

Sometimes you may wonder who exactly goes to these museums!

The Torture Instruments Museum

Well, you might have guessed by the name but this is a pretty gory museum dedicated to some of humanity’s most heinous creations.

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