Urban exploring in the ugliest city in Europe

Once mining was no longer financially viable, Charleroi in Belgium fell into disrepair with factories and buildings being abandoned. Voted the ugliest city in Europe, it now attracts urban explorers.


Ironically thousands upon thousands of tourists arrive at Charleroi airport every day, before immediately leaving and heading north to Brussels. The sprawling city has seen better days since its industry failed and firms and businesses fled.

Explore the abandoned power plant

Monstrous in size and eerie to wander around, the power plant has long been derelict. Cavernous inside it is one of the most impressive sites to visit.

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The cooling water tower still looms outside

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Decaying factories

Wandering around Charleroi you can’t help but notice the lack of love and care for a lot of its buildings. Dilapidated and decaying, they make for great urban exploration.

Take part in a tour

All around the city are ruined buildings vacated by their previous owners. Entrepreneurial individuals now offer tour guides in the form of an ‘urban safari’.


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