Visiting the Opera in Vienna

Renowned throughout the world for its opera, nightly performances offer visitors a chance to bask in stunning spectacles at the prestigious Vienna State Opera house.


Luxurious, elegant and timeless; the Opera house is a beautiful building with a divine interior that hosts an incredible 350 performances a year. With former residents such as the famous composers Beethoven and Mozart, it is unsurprising that Vienna is considered to be the home of opera.

No visit to Vienna is complete without taking in one of the awe-inspiring spectacles on show. Soaring falsettos compete with cacophonous orchestral pieces to bring the dramatic scenes to life before your eyes.

Normally prohibitively expensive, standing tickets for only 3 Euros offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s best operas in a lavish setting.

From The Marriage of Figaro to The Magic Flute; each delightful performance captivates the audience as a beautiful crescendo of sound washes over the galleries.


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