Backpacking the Balkans

Full of amazing sights, interesting historical sites and wonderful nature, the Balkans have so much to offer and are an affordable and friendly backpacking destination. Let's take a look!


Whether you’re after history and culture or nightlife and nature: the Balkans has it all! So grab your backpack, leave your worries at the door and get ready for your next adventure!

Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Often called ‘the Jerusalem of Europe’ due to its diverse, multicultural population, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a captivating city to visit and you’ll find the minarets of mosques lying side-by-side with church spires and synagogues.

Belgrade – Serbia

Renowned for its nightlife, Belgrade is a fun place to visit and you can party until the early morning in its clubs and riverboats before waking up and taking a lazy stroll around its numerous cultural landmarks.

Kotor – Montenegro

The walled-city of Kotor is beautiful to explore as its cobbled streets are lined by delightful old buildings and the scenery on show is absolutely stunning – just look at it!

Plovdiv – Bulgaria

One of the oldest continuously lived in cities in the world, Plovdiv’s Old Town is as picturesque as they come and visitors invariably come astounded at all that this seldom visited city has to offer.


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