Why Choose Thailand for Your Travels?


The beautiful country of Thailand is the 12th largest in Asia and boasts a variety of landscape and experience for the adventurous traveler. But even without any sense of adventure, Thailand is a remarkable place to visit, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. With a friendly culture and delightful cuisine, it will soon become your favorite.

Each region of Thailand has something unique to offer travelers. In the north, the famed Golden Triangle gives you a chance to connect where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos all meet as well as see the famed Money Temple (Wat Thampla). In the south, waterfalls are the biggest draws with Rainbow Waterfall (La-ong Rung Waterfall) and I-yer Khem Waterfall (Chaloem Phrakiat Waterfall) among the most famous. There’s also Betong Hot Spring, an adventurous yet relaxing destination.

Everywhere in between features something distinctive too. From high mountain peaks to temples and ancient ruins, Thailand gives visitors a well-rounded out list of options to choose from. One of the most popular reasons travelers choose Thailand as their Asian destination is because of the gorgeous beaches. Phuket and Krabi rank at the top of the Thailand beach lists, though you’ll find plenty more beautiful beaches just off the beaten path.

Thai food is another reason to visit. It’s exotic and unique while being light and refreshing. Plus, Thai cuisine upholds the belief that every dish should vary in texture, color and taste throughout the plate and meld flavors of the fragrant herbs and spices they use to create these incredible tastes. Every meal is like a work of art for your senses and a pleasure you won’t find anywhere else.

Adventures big and small can be found all over the country, which is why Thailand is ideal for any traveler. Whether you want to take it easy on the beaches or go cave diving, or you want to roam from hostel to hostel or stay in 5-star opulence, there’s a way to tailor your Thailand vacation to your exact desires.

Choose your own adventure in Thailand today and you’ll discover new tastes, sights and experiences that will last you a lifetime!


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