Which Thai Islands are Best for You?


If you want to do a bit of island hopping, or just plonk yourself on the sand somewhere in Asia, you can’t do much better than Thailand. Thailand is home to many islands with gorgeous beaches and amazing Thai culture, food, and experiences, at a lower price than many other tropical island destinations in the world. Each of the popular islands in Thailand has something to enjoy but it depends on the kind of vacation you’re hoping for. Here are some suggestions for your island travels to Thailand so you can choose the best one for you.

Koh Lanta for relaxation

It’s close to Phuket, but Koh Lanta is a much quieter and more serene setting, making it the perfect location for rest and relaxation. The locals on this island are really friendly too. The best beach here is Long Beach which is fantastic for swimming. It’s not a party destination though so if you’re looking to make friends but not get too wild, this is a perfectly chill Thai island destination.

Koh Lipe for romance

This tiny Thai island is incredibly remote. There are very few cars here, only a few motorcycles, giving new meaning to peace and quiet. It’s clean and calm and ideal for a romantic vacation for just the two of you.

Koh Phi Phi for a great mix

Another island that’s near Phuket, making it possible to hop over there if you so choose, this place rebuilt bigger and better after the tsunami in 2004 decimated the area. It’s incredibly gorgeous and was actually the setting of The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. What makes it extra cool is that it’s narrow enough in one area where you can see the water on both sides of where you’re standing. It offers something for budget-savvy backpackers as well as the luxury resort set, and has plenty of opportunities for partying too. Koh Phi Phi is the perfect all-rounder, offering something for everyone.

Koh Tao for budget-friendly partying and diving

Backpackers tend to flock here as it’s smaller and cheaper than other island destinations in Thailand. Beach parties can be found any night of the week in Sairee, plus if you’re interested in getting PADI certified for diving, you can do it here, though if you’d rather snorkel, the reefs around here have plenty of opportunities to do that too. Koh Tao definitely worth putting on your list if you want an amazing diving experience that won’t kill your holiday budget.

Phuket for the ultimate tourist scene

Finally, let’s end with Phuket, perhaps one of the most well-known islands of Thailand. Because it has bridges connecting it to the mainland, it’s one of the busiest tourist spots. Plus, you can enjoy it no matter what your desires. There’s plenty of partying, plenty of romance, shopping, and other touristy things. If you want the full-on tourist experience, Phuket is your ideal island destination!

Which island will you choose?


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