The sights of old Seoul

The thriving cosmopolitan capital of South Korea is a fun and fascinating place to visit. The perfect blend of bustling city, pristine nature and historical sites; make Seoul your next destination!


Although the modern look and feel of the city will pervade your initial impression of Seoul, there are a number of historical sites scattered about that are well worth checking out. By delving into the capital’s past you can gain a greater understanding of its present.

Gyeongbok Palace

The stunning palace dates all the way back to 1395 and its beautiful architecture combined with the spectacular scenery all around make this one of the must-see places in the city.

Bukchon Village

Serene and tranquil, walking around this traditional neighbourhood is a lovely and peaceful experience. The wooden hanok buildings make for some great photos!

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Bugaksan Mountain and Seoul Fortress

The mountain offers some great hiking opportunities so it’s definitely worth a visit. Up there you can find Seoul Fortress which was situated there due to its advantageous position.

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