Horseback Riding in Kyrgyzstan

A gorgeous country full of mountains, steppes and plains, horseback riding is the best way to explore all of Kyrgyzstan's amazing scenery.


Riding around Kyrgyzstan’s sweeping landscapes is an experience that will stay with you a lifetime as you sleep in yurts, far away from any city or town. Its proud and hospitable people will introduce you to all the delights and traditions that come with a nomadic lifestyle.

Towering mountainscapes

With snow-covered mountains rising up dramatically before you, Kyrgyzstan’s scenery is absolutely breathtaking to behold and you’ll never want your holiday to come to an end.

Endless plains

While some of the country is as rugged as it comes, other parts are endlessly flat with only distant mountains appearing on the horizon to break up the monotony.

Ancient traditions

Although Kyrgyzstan is rapidly modernising, pockets of people still live nomadic lifestyles and in this respect not much has changed since the days of Genghis Khan.


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