The Gateway to Kazakhstan: Almaty

Hemmed in by mountains, the former capital is a great base from which to explore the Kazakh Steppe. Kazakhstan has a plethora of things to do and see so head to Almaty for a new adventure!


Framed beautifully by the mountains around it, Almaty is a fun city to explore with a number of lovely monuments and natural delights to visit. Formerly the capital, it is home to a diverse mixing pot of cultures and peoples.

Ascension Cathedral

One of the prettiest buildings in Almaty, the Cathedral is brightly coloured and really sticks out amongst the trees. Remarkably it is made entirely out of wood and no nails were used!

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City life

Under the Soviet Union many people travelled and set up shop in Almaty. As well as Kazakhs and Russians you can also find thriving Tatar and Korean communities.

Explore the mountains!

With the highest Olympic Stadium in the world, Medeu, nestled in the mountains and a huge number of trails to explore; you should definitely head up into the clouds and discover the heights of Almaty.


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