Buffalo Racing in Bali

Every year Indonesian farmers carefully prepare for the annual Buffalo race. The beautifully decorated chariots and buffalo make for an impressive sight as each racer aims to come in first.


The Makepung as it is known originated as a celebration to welcome the end of the harvest. While visitors flock to Bali for its incredible scenery and stunning beaches; the buffalo races are attracting an increasing number of tourists every year.

The Beautifully decorated Buffalo

Heads held up high, the buffalo exert every last ounce of energy to get to get to the finish line first. Their horns are ornately decorated and although they are normally very docile, each buffalo gives its best in the race. The buffalo are treated very well as they are essential to the farmers’ work.

Stunning Speeds

For animals that normally amble about peacefully, the buffalo can read a speed of up to 50kph. The farmers need to be carefully in control of the chariot.

The Water Splashes Up

Charging through the water, the racers make for an impressive sight!

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