The Rich History of Africa in 5 Incredible Sites

Oft-overlooked by the outside world, Africa is home to a vast array of amazing monuments and buildings that testify to the continent’s ancient and rich history.


These incredible sites are just a few of the unbelievable places to see around the continent. Man’s ingenuity and creativity knows no bounds…

Lalibela – Ethiopia

These stunning monolithic churches are the highlight of any visit to Ethiopia. Dating to between the 7th and 13th Century AD, the complex of 13 churches is a miraculous feat of engineering.

The Great Pyramid of Giza – Egypt

One of the most famous landmarks in the world, debates still abound as to how the pyramids were constructed.

Great Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe

The ruins of the massive stone fortress date back to the 11th Century AD and make for an awe-inspiring visit.

The Great Mosque of Djenne – Mali

Sun-baked bricks and sand form the walls of the Great Mosque – time to book a trip to Mali to visit this unique testament to times gone by.

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The Theatre of Sabratha – Libya

The site of Sabratha dates back to the 5th Century BC and the ruins are stupendous to see as I think you’ll agree!


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