Three of Zanzibar’s Best Beaches

Off the coast of east Africa lies Zanzibar, an idyllic island with an amazing array of beautiful beaches. Paradise awaits any traveller lucky enough to visit!


Formerly known for its spices, Zanzibar is now renowned for its incredible range of fantastic beaches that surround the island. Lying in the sun at a secluded beach is divine so what are you waiting for?! These are the beaches you just have to visit!

Peaceful Paje

On the east coast of the island is the quiet and laid-back village of Paje. At low tide the ocean recedes until the horizon so there are kilometres of shallow waters for you to explore.

Colourful Kendwa

A lot livelier than Paje, many tourists head north to Kendwa for the nightlife. In the day they bask in the sun while the evenings are dedicated to the legendary Full Moon Parties.

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The dolphins of Kizimkazi

Although the beach is not the nicest, it is from Kizimkazi that you can take a boat tour to swim with the dolphins just off the coast. It is an unforgettable experience in an unbelievable setting!

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