The Swahili City States of East Africa

In centuries gone by the Swahili controlled trade from Kenya to Mozambique and built a number of impressive trading cities. Now, the ruins of the past along the coast are beautiful to visit. Karibuni!


Once renowned around the world for their thriving civilisation and cosmopolitan cities in a stunning setting, the arrival of the Portuguese in 1503 brought an end to the Swahili’s heyday.


This archipelago of islands off the coast of Kenya has numerous beautiful buildings dating back to the civilisation’s zenith. The peaceful, laid-back islands are a delight to explore.


The city state of Kilwa Kisiwani was a thriving trading port until the Portuguese destroyed it. Stunning ruins make for an amazing trip with palaces, a fort and an ancient mosque to explore.

Stone Town

The capital of Zanzibar is the most frequented of the former city states as every year thousands of tourists descend upon its streets.

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