Night fishing on Lake Nyasa

At the border of Malawi and Tanzania lies the enormous Lake Nyasa. Aptly nicknamed the ‘Lake of Stars’; join the fishermen at night as they light lamps and cast their nets to catch the illusive fish!


In their dugout canoes, the fisherman paddle their way out onto the water. With everything prepared, they sit and wait for complete darkness to fall before lighting up their lamps to catch the fish. Joining them on the lake is an amazing experience as the lamplight shimmers on the water and the stars shine down from above.

Serene and peaceful

The lake is home to the Usepa fish that only come out at night. The lake is an amazing ecosystem with the most types of fish in the world and many people rely on the lake for their livelihoods.

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Beautiful landscapes

Surrounding the lake are lush mountains that themselves are home to diverse ecosystems. The freshwater makes for great swimming during the hot days.

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Sit back and enjoy the sunset

Lying on the deserted beaches that line the lake feels luxurious as you take in the isolated paradise.


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