Deep in the Desert: the Ancient Pyramids of Sudan

Hidden in the Sahara lie the incredible pyramids of Meroe – rarely visited by tourists, these stupendous tombs are the highlight of any trip to Sudan.


Alone in the middle of the desert with only the pyramids for company, visiting this archaeological marvel is a once in a lifetime experience. While hordes of tourists daily visit the Great Pyramid of Giza, Sudan’s pyramids are forgotten to the world. Once a powerful kingdom that even the Romans and ancient Greeks knew about, Meroe’s day has come and gone as, over the millennia, time and the sands of the Sahara have wiped it from the history books.

Only three hours north of Khartoum, the site has over 200 pyramids for you to explore. While they are smaller and narrower than their more famous counterparts in Egypt, visiting them is an unforgettable experience as the isolation only adds to their breathtaking magnificence.

So take a deep breath, plunge into the depths of the desert and walk in the footsteps of Kings and Queens of times gone by!


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