5 Must-See Places in Nigeria!

Africa’s most populous nation is home to sprawling cities, a thriving movie scene and loads of amazing natural wonders and historical sites. What are you waiting for?! Welcome to Naija!


The multicultural Nigeria has so much going on all the time that it’s hard to know what to see and do! These tips should give you an idea of just what’s on offer.

Kano City Walls

The impressive city walls date back centuries and are a throwback to when Kano was a prominent port of call for the trans-Saharan trade caravans. In parts of the city, mud houses that are a characteristic of Hausa building techniques still exist.

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Olumo Rock

The huge rock has protected the nearby peoples for centuries. Now, it is known for the panoramic views it offers from its summit.

Osun Sacred Grove

The sacred forest is said to be home to Osun, the Goddess of Fertility. Stunning decorated carvings are interspersed amongst the trees which themselves are ornately adorned with paintings.

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Yankari Game Reserve

Delight in the animals on show in their natural habitat. Elephants, giraffes and more roam the beautiful reserve.

Zuma Rock

Phwoarrr! Just look at it, it’s massive! Locals say that it stands alone as the other mountains respect its supremacy and regal nature.


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