The Music of Mali in 5 Amazing Artists

Mali has a rich musical heritage that has often made waves on the world music scene. Here is a selection of some of the best songs by the greatest musicians. Check them out – they’re amazing!


In all honesty, the list of amazing Malian musicians is almost endless. Their rich heritage encompasses a number of styles and genres so make sure to explore further than just these five!

Ali Farka Toure

One of the most famous African musicians outside of the continent, Ali Farka Toure mixes traditional Malian music with North American blues.

Amadou et Mariam

The blind couple are spellbinding to watch on stage as they mix together music from different cultures right before your eyes.

Habib Koite and Bamada

Habib Koite formed Bamada, a West African supergroup of musicians and I think you’ll agree that we’re very happy he did!


Formed in a refugee camp in the north of Mali, the group’s music brings the sounds of the desert directly to your home.

Toumani Diabate

The King of the Kora! His magical music is marvellous to listen to as he weaves mesmerising rhythms together.


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