Celebrating Timket in Ethiopia

Each January, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians come together to celebrate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. A deeply religious country, Ethiopia is home to a number of marvellous festivals.


All around Ethiopia you will see people wearing Orthodox crosses and impressive and ancient religious sites are scattered around the country.

Colours everywhere

Priests walk in the procession, waving incense as they make their way to the baptism. The embroidered umbrellas are always a feature of Timket.

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Celebration in the city of Gondar

In the north of the country, people celebrate Jesus’ baptism by bathing in the Holy Water that the priests’ have blessed. The bath house is over 500 years old and makes for a memorable visit at this important time of the year.

Chanting rings through the air

The city grinds to a halt as everyone takes part in the festivities. Prayers and songs ring through the air as people rejoice in the moment.


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