5 Must-See Cities in Ethiopia

The cradle of humanity, Ethiopia is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations and as such has a number of incredible cities to visit. Here, are five of the best for you to check out!


With 100 million people, Ethiopia has a very multicultural population and a number of diverse landscapes to boot. All around the country are amazing cities and places to visit.

Addis Ababa

Home to the largest market in Africa, Addis has loads of great things to see and do. The bustling capital is rapidly expanding and modernising.


The rumoured home of the Ark of the Covenant, the city used to be the capital of the ancient Aksumite Empire.

Bahir Dar

This lovely city is lush and fertile with tree filled avenues creating a sense of serenity. It is right on the edge of Lake Tana which has a number of ancient monasteries situated on its islands. With the source of the Nile nearby, there are a number of stunning waterfalls to visit.


High up in the Ethiopian highlands, the castles at Gondar are delightful to wander around. The mountains surrounding the city also make for great trekking.


The walled city of Harar is primarily famous for the hyenas which you can feed. The city walls date back centuries and only add to its charm.

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