What To Do in Djibouti

One of the Lonely Planet’s Top Destinations for 2018; Djibouti is not your archetypal tourist destination. With loads to do, that could all soon change so head there now to get the best of it!


Know much about Djibouti? Well, trivia lovers could probably tell you that the capital of this country is also conveniently called Djibouti. Apart from that, however, you’d be hard pressed to find many people who know much about it. Here are some suggestions that will entice you to the country!

Lac Assal

The lowest point in the whole of Africa, this amazing natural phenomenon is simply stunning to visit. The beautiful turquoise waters mirror the perfect blue and provide a serene ambiance for any lucky visitor.

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Lac Abbe

This almost lunar-like landscape looks like something out of a Star Wars film. Well worth a visit; watch out for the dust storms that whip up in a second!

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The Red Sea

Located on the Red Sea itself, Djibouti’s stunning coastline provides tourists with a number of water going activities. Dive won beneath the surface for some amazing marine life!


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