Adventure Capitals of the World

If you're looking for an exhilarating adventure then look no further! With hair-raising bungee jumps, zip-lining and white water rafting on offer – these are the adventure capitals of the world!


Whether you’re a mountain climber, dirt bike aficionado or just someone who’s more than happy to throw themselves out of a plane – these are the adventure capitals you want to head to!

Queenstown – New Zealand

With every imaginable hair-raising activity on offer; Queenstown has it all and adventure seekers could spend a lifetime exploring all of its fantastic paragliding, skydiving and bungee jumping opportunities and that’s without even having mentioned its exhilarating zip-lining, jet-skiing and white-water rafting!

Moab – United States

If you’re looking for an off-road adventure then Moab is the place for you as you can grab a dirt bike, buggy or 4X4 and tear around its stunning desert scenery.

Arequipa – Peru

With fantastic mountain climbing, white water rafting and mountain biking on offer, Arequipa is a dream for adventurers and Cotahuasi Canyon and El Misti volcano are just two of the spectacular settings that lie nearby.

Shegar – Tibet

The last stop on the way to climbing Mount Everest, Shegar hosts climbers and adventurers from all around the world who spend their last night in the small town before attempting the arduous climb up the world’s highest mountain.

La Fortuna – Costa Rica

La Fortuna’s incredible setting means that it’s very easy to immerse yourself in nature and with zip-lining, white water rafting, abseiling and more all on offer, it is no wonder that it is considered to be one of the adventure capitals of the world.


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