7 Jaw-dropping Caves You Have to Visit!

Breathtakingly beautiful to behold, these seven caves look absolutely incredible and what's more – you can visit all of them!


Otherworldly in appearance, these caves are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Check them out!

Son Doong Cave – Vietnam

The largest cave in the world, Son Doong is so large that it has its own weather system!

Vatnakojull Glacier Caves – Iceland

These glittering caves are awe-inspiringly beautiful and are just one of the highlights of what Iceland has to offer.

Reed Flute Cave – China

Nicknamed The Palace of Natural Arts due to its breathtaking rock formations and we think you can agree it looks stunning!

Phraya Nakhon Cave – Thailand

Once where Thai kings came to pray, Phraya Nakhon Cave has a peaceful and welcoming feel to it.

Kyaut Sae Cave, Myanmar

Home to a Buddhist temple, monks still meditate in this wonderful cave.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

Thousand upon thousands of tiny glowworms live in the caves, giving the appearance that you’re walking under a starry night.

Mendenhall Glacier Cave, USA

Although slightly challenging to reach as you have to kayak and climb there – the cave is definitely worth it as you can see!


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