5 Tips to Travel Cheaply

Want to travel but are a bit low on funds? No problemo! These tips and tricks will help make you and your money go as far as possible!


While travelling around the world or going on holiday can be pretty expensive, there are loads of ways which you can either travel for free or very cheaply. By saving your cash, you can go even further and reach that far-off destination you’ve always been dreaming of! Nowadays there are lots of helpful apps or websites out there which can help you to drastically reduce how much you spend on your holiday. Let’s take a look at some ways you can travel cheaply.

House-sit or house swap

While both involve a few responsibilities on your part, they also enable you to travel cheaply and save cash while seeing a new place. With housesitting you’ll usually be asked to look after someone’s house while they’re away and maybe even look after a pet or two! There are now a number of websites online where you can sign up to housesit for someone and there also a few for house swapping too. With house swapping you and someone else on the website agree to trade houses for a certain period of time and this is a great way to stay in a nice place in a new country!


Couchsurfing is an amazing experience and you’ll certainly come away richer for it. While it is free, it is always nice to buy your host a drink or two or maybe cook them dinner one night. Couchsurfing is where you stay at someone’s place for free and get to know them while you’re living with them. Simply look at where you’re heading to on the website, see the available hosts and then message them with a request to see if you can stay with them. It shouldn’t be looked at as simply a free place to stay but more an invaluable opportunity to get to know someone and see the authentic side to where you’re travelling to.

Cruise ship Worker

While this is more a profession then something that is suitable for a short-term holiday, if you just can’t get enough of travelling then working on a cruise ship is a great way to see the world. With a new destination every couple of days, you’ll get to see lots of different places and meet lots of new places. It is hard work though but here you’re the one getting paid to travel!

Air miles and credit cards

If you fly quite a lot, then it is definitely worth signing up to a couple of the frequent flyer programmes which airlines offer. You get points for the money you spend and after a while you’ll earn a free flight or two! When you sign up for a credit card, there are a number of them that offer up a signup bonus of airmiles and some have loyalty programmes that give you them too. Obviously do your research before signing up though so you know exactly what you’re getting in to!


If you’re travelling for a longer period of time then you may want to consider volunteering or working along the way. This can help reduce your travel costs and many places offer room and board to people working there or helping out. Whether it’s in a hostel, working on a farm or helping out on a volunteer project, there are loads of opportunities out there, you just have to find the right one for you!


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