5 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

If you are looking for inspiring environments in which to read, look no further! These incredible libraries host an unfathomable number of books for you to enjoy. Ready, set, READ!

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

Nothing is better than picking up a good book to read. Well, sometimes your surroundings do help to inspire you a bit! What’s certain is that these five libraries will get your creative juices flowing.

The Royal Portuguese Reading Room – Brazil

Beautiful tomes cover the room’s walls. In the centre of Rio de Janeiro, this beautiful library looks like something out of Harry Potter.

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Clementinium – Czech Republic

Nestled high up on the hill overlooking Prague, the amazing frescoes make for a lovely setting in which to pick up a book.

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Biblioteca Alexandrina – Egypt

The original library was famous around the ancient world until it burnt down with an incomprehensible amount of humanity’s knowledge within it. The current museum in Alexandria is just stunning to behold!

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Biblioteca Marciana – Italy

Wow! Built in 1537, the breathtaking beauty of the halls is amazing to drink in. Right on St. Mark’s Square in Venice, definitely visit it if you can!

George Peabody Library – United States of America

The library at the John Hopkins University looks fit for kings and queens of times gone by! Lucky students get to study in this peaceful environment.

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